GlucoFish is a simple app for keeping track of your daily blood glucose readings. It is designed for those making one recording a day who wish to have a record of the readings and graph any changes. It is NOT designed for those monitoring their blood glucose with every meal. The app does not preclude multiple entries per day however.

Versions and Updates
Version Summary Status
v1.2 Redesigned (read prettier) reading entry screen for the iOS app. Adds an About screen accessible from the settings page to show the current app version number and acknowledgements for 3rd party libraries and resources. Available in App Store

All entries are made using the mmol scale, but mg/dL scale can be used to display the readings.

PRIVACY: Your data is your own. It is stored on your device and we have no access to it in any way. You can export your data via iTunes as a CSV file, or via email, again as a CSV file. You will need to make your own assessment of your privacy concerns with your data travelling the email infrastructure unencrypted.

If a previously saved CSV file is renamed as '' and copied back to your phone via iTunes sharing, on next startup, the contents of the file will be used to REPLACE the data in the app with that from the file.

The companion Apple Watch app is a simple interface that allows you to add an entry timestamped with the current time. If your phone is not to hand, entries will sync back to the phone when it becomes available.

Entries made in the iOS app can either be timestamped with the current time, or a specific date/time can be chosen for entering historic values.

The graph will show all entries and can be pinch zoomed and panned in either, or both of the vertical and horizontal axes. The initial display will zoom/scale to show the last 10 readings.

Selecting an entry in the list will enable the remove button to allow individual readings to be removed. There is currently no editing facility, so altering an item will require it to be removed, and re-added using a specific timestamp. I will fix this in a future revision.

A daily reminder can be set for a specific time which will send you a reminder notification.

There are a number of planned improvements. Please feel free to send any suggestions or report any bugs to

Previous Versions    
Version Summary
v1.0 Initial Release
v1.1 Support for adding entries in either the mmol/L or the mg/dL scales. Display and Entry scales can be set independently. watchOS app using the scale setting from the iOS app for entries.